Complainant Femina Pharma Inc. moved for entry of an Initial Determination finding 14 Respondents in default in Inv. No. 337-TA-768, Certain Vaginal Ring Birth Control Devices. Complainant's motion requested that the ALJ find 14 "nonparticipating" respondents in default. The identified respondents included: The Canamerican Drugs Inc.; The Canamerican Global Inc.; Canadian Med Service; Panther Meds Inc.; Canada Drugs Online; Drug World Canada; CanDrug Health Solutions Inc.; Big Mountain Drugs;; Blue Sky Drugs; ABC Online Pharmacy; LP; North Drug Store; and Canada Pharmacy. The Staff opposed the motion on the grounds that Rule 210.16 requires an order to show cause before an initial determination of default be entered. In his order, Chief Judge Luckern, rather than grant the motion for default, ordered that the fourteen named "nonparticipating respondents" show cause as to why they should not found to be in default.