Following the measures applied by the Costa Rican Government to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we inform you that the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Costa Rica, approved the addition of transitory IV to the Law 9832, "Authorization of Reduction of Work shifts in the event of a National Emergency Declaration", dated March 21st, 2020. Said transitory provision is established for the tourism sector which includes hotels, tourist transportation, restaurants, among others; within the framework of the national emergency declared by Executive Decree 42227-MP-S as long as the effects of the provoking event are maintained, and so accredited by the employer before the Labor Inspection. The reduction of the workday authorized by article 5 of this law may be extended for four equal periods, under previous authorization of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, additional to those established in the second paragraph of said article; for the granting of the extensions indicated above, the employer must comply with a series of stipulations indicated in the transitional provision, which can be accessed by clicking here.

This means that the companies or employers that comply with the requirements indicated in the transitory provision may opt for the presentation of 4 extensions of 3 months each, as long as the current consequences caused by the national emergency are maintained.