HMRC has updated its guidance on who needs to make voluntary disclosure in circumstances where they are not eligible for one of HMRC's current campaigns. The guidance covers how individuals and companies can use the digital disclosure service to report their failure to pay the correct amount of income tax, capital gains tax, National Insurance contributions, or corporation tax. Agents are also able to notify clients’ disclosures via the digital disclosure service.

As well as covering how to self-report, the guidance also sets out the implications of disclosures on PAYE, tax credits and inheritance tax, including the penalty regime. For those who are found to have taken a “significant period” to correct non-compliance (for these purposes this means over three years, or less where the overall disclosure covers a longer period), it is unlikely that HMRC will reduce the penalty by more than 10 percent above the minimum of the statutory range.

A copy of the guidance can be found here.