The amended Registration Guidance Manual for Generators of Liquid Industrial and Hazardous Waste was released by the MOE on December 24, 2009. The Guidance Manual is aimed at assisting waste generators, carriers and receivers to understand their obligations and facilitate compliance with the requirements of Regulation 347 with respect to the management of hazardous wastes and liquid industrial wastes.

The Manual was first released in 1995, with the last revision occurring in 2001. The following key elements have been added to the Manual.

  • Updated information on who needs to register, an overview of hazardous waste rules and new requirements for generators, carriers and receivers.
  • Discussion on how to determine appropriate waste classes for waste streams.
  • Updated schedules of hazardous wastes (capturing the hazardous waste number, waste description and corresponding Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) treatment requirements).
  • Information on new requirements to improve the management of subject wastes, including mixing, blending and bulking and on-site storage and processing requirements.
  • Additional information about on-line registration and manifesting through the Hazardous Waste Information Network (“HWIN”), including the additional information required to meet LDR reporting and notification requirements.
  • Information on the HWIN List of Recycling Facilities, including its purpose and how companies are placed on the list.
  • Details on amendments that facilitate recycling of specific wastes and proper management of wastes from field operations and the use of alternative fuels and new or emerging waste technologies through streamlined approvals processes.
  • A description of the LDR program and how it prohibits the land disposal of hazardous wastes unless treated to meet specific standards.
  • Information on the LDR requirements, including:
    • enhanced generator registration reporting and notification requirements
    • record-keeping and waste analysis plan requirements
    • processing requirements for hazardous wastes affected by the treatment standards
    • a series of questions and answers on key aspects of the program and its requirements.

The release of the updated Manual coincided with the Ministry’s release of the Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) Handbook which provides information about the Land Disposal Restrictions program and how the new LDR requirements affect waste streams, facilities and operations described within the Manual.

Both are available on the Ministry’s website at: