President Obama’s controversial Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order 13673 (aka the “blacklisting” rule) has been eliminated. That means federal contractors will not be required to report labor violations as part of their federal contract bidding process. The related paycheck transparency requirements and prohibition against pre-dispute arbitration clauses related to Title VII claims have also been eliminated.

The blacklisting rule was signed by President Obama in 2014. We wrote about the executive order back then, although the requirements were not scheduled to kick in until 2016. Last fall, just before they were supposed to be implemented, a federal judge temporarily blocked a portion of the requirements. In February, the House of Representatives passed legislation disapproving of the rules, and the Senate followed suit in March. Last week, President Trump signed the congressional legislation along with a new executive order that officially revokes Executive Order 13673 and all of its related requirements. As a result, the blacklisting rules are now dead.