Seeking clarification on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s)  final guidance pertaining to mobile medical applications (apps), a bipartisan group of six senators has sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret  Hamburg requesting more details on the agency’s plans for oversight of  mobile medical apps and urging FDA to “work with Congress to identify  policies that will serve the best interests of patients and innovators alike.”  Among other things, the senators asked (i) how quickly the agency  responds to queries about the regulation of specific apps; (ii) what  processes FDA has set up to educate developers about regulations; (iii) how FDA determines what types of medical software updates could affect  an app so that it would require approval; (iv) how novel apps would be  regulated; and (v) what additional legislative tools the agency needs to  better oversee medical mobile apps. Additional details about FDA’s final  guidance on mobile medical apps appear in Issue 65 of this Bulletin