The Commission published a formal invitation to submit comments on its proposal for a revised Regulation for small aid amounts (“de minimis Regulation”) in the Official Journal. The proposal under consultation is the second draft for the revised de minimis Regulation, which includes amendments resulting from a public consultation held in March 2013. The proposal maintains the current ceiling of EUR 200.000 over three years, as the Commission considers that above this threshold aid may have an impact on competition and trade in the internal market. Further, the Commission proposes to introduce a mandatory de minimis register, which aims at ensuring that the ceiling is respected and gathers data on the use of the de minimis aid. Furthermore, the proposal aims to substantially clarify and simplify the rules, in line with recurring requests from stakeholders. For instance, it introduces a safe-harbour for loans up to EUR 1 million and simplifies the definition of an “undertaking” in order to increase legal certainty and reduce administrative burden. The review is a part of the Commission’s State Aid Modernisation initiative. The Commission invites interested parties to submit comments by 9 September 2013. Source: Official Journal C 229/1, 08/08/2013 and Commission Press Release 17/07/2013