The Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel’s (CHAP’s) report to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on the safety of phthalates in children’s toys and child-care products has apparently generated mixed reviews with industry trade groups disagreeing about the need for recommended permanent bans on several phthalates at levels greater than 0.1 percent and consumer groups generally supporting CHAP’s recommendations. Industry groups were also critical of the private, scientific peer review process for the report, claiming that it has established an “alarming precedent.” Consumer groups agreed with recommendations to permanently ban DINP, DIBP, DPENP, DHEXP, and DCHP, but questioned why the report recommended lifting interim bans on DNOP and DIDP, identified as “potential developmental toxicants” and “potential systemic toxicants.” They further commented on the report’s lack of information about phthalate alternatives, but CHAP noted that the data on most are limited and called for appropriate U.S. agencies to “obtain the necessary exposure and hazard data to estimate total exposure . . . and assess the potential health risks.” See Bloomberg BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter™, July 21, 2014.