The latest edition of FCA’s Policy Development Update provides information and links to publications issued since the last edition, recent Handbook developments and an updated timetable for forthcoming publications. Before summer, FCA expects to publish:

  • policy statement on a policy proposal for fees and levies for 2016/17 and consultation on rates (during March);
  • policy statement on changes to the Handbook for non-Solvency 2 firms stemming from Solvency 2 implementation (also in March);
  • policy statement on future regulatory treatment of Consumer Credit Act-regulated first charge mortgages (also in March);
  • consultation on secondary annuity markets (in March or April);
  • policy proposals and Handbook changes related to the implementation of the EU MAR (in “the spring”);
  • the second consultation on implementation of MiFID 2 (during Q2);
  • policy statement on insurance conduct of business changes increasing transparency and engagement at renewal in general insurance markets (in mid-2016);
  • policy statement on changes to FCA rules resulting from pensions reforms (in April);
  • policy statement on changes to the Compensation Sourcebook (in April); and
  • policy statement on changes relating to high-cost short-term credit (during Q2).

(Source: Policy Development Update 30)