A Columbus attorney has made a formal complaint to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), asking the panel to prevent a “submeter” company from marking up electricity costs in his condominium, reports The Columbus Dispatch. The PUCO received a similar request in December 2014, and the Ohio House of Representatives passed a bill to include consumer protections for submeter customers (see our December 8, 2014 and December 23, 2014 blog posts for more), but the bill did not become law. Now Mark Whitt, a general partner for Whitt Sturtevant LLP, has asked the PUCO “to rule that Nationwide Energy Partners is violating the law by providing utility services without being regulated as a public utility or being registered as an energy marketer.” According to the article, “The Dispatch reported in 2013 that some consumers of submeter companies are paying much more for utilities than they would have under regulated rates, and that this business model is illegal in all but a few states.” While Whitt argues that the PUCO has authority to regulate submetering companies, “[t]wo years ago, then-PUCO Chairman Todd Snitchler said his panel had no authority to regulate” them, and that legislative action would be needed to change that. For more, read the full article.