From the 2nd January 2019, Tajik trademark law has been amended and consequently generated significant change.

Whilst originally, Tajik IPO only published in its Official Gazette information on registered trademarks, the new law now allows for pending trademarks that passed the formal examination to be published in the Official Gazette too.

Furthermore, although the previous version of the law indicated that “generally accepted symbols and marks” could not be registered, the new law now offers greater clarity as to which marks will be deemed unregistrable. Unregistrable marks include symbols denoting religions or states, names (abbreviated or in full) of international, intergovernmental organisations, official control and guarantee marks, hallmarks, seals and other insignia.

Lastly, in the event of a trademark registration expiring and a renewal request not being filed, only a year will have to elapse before the trademark can be re-registered in the name of a person other than the previous rights holder or legal successor. This is a change from the previous law, where three years would have needed to pass before the re-registration of the mark in someone else’s name.