Two consumers have filed lawsuits against Genki Sushi, Koha Foods and Sea Port Products Corp. alleging they distributed contaminated scallops linked to as many as 206 infections of Hepatitis A. Mauk v. Genki Sushi USA Inc., No. 16-1-1573-08 (Haw. Cir. Ct., filed August 16, 2016); Cuelho v. Genki Sushi USA Inc., No. 16-1-1612-08 (Haw. Cir. Ct., filed August 23, 2016). The plaintiff in one case alleges he was infected with Hepatitis A after eating contaminated scallops, began feeling symptoms that day and ultimately required a seven-day stay in the hospital to recover. The second plaintiff, represented by Bill Marler of Marler Clark, consumed allegedly contaminated food at Genki Sushi and received a Hepatitis A vaccine after learning of the potential exposure. Both lawsuits pursue strict product liability and negligence claims against the defendants and seek to represent a class of affected plaintiffs.