BDK Advokati/Attorneys at Law has submitted to the Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Data Protection (“Commissioner”) an analysis of the draft Data Protection Law. The draft was recently developed by the Commissioner as the first step in a process that should lead to replacing Serbia’s out-of-date data protection law with a new one.

The 17-page analysis prepared by BDK Advokati/Attorneys at Law proposes specific wording to be added to, or amended in, nearly forty provisions from the Commissioner’s draft.

The document drafted by the Commissioner and entitled “Model of the new Personal Data Protection Act” includes important improvements when compared to the data protection law now in force. Most significantly, it expands the range of ways in which a data subject may express his or her consent to the processing of the data and simplifies the procedures for data transfer to other countries or to international organizations.

The specific proposals submitted by BDK Advokati/Attorneys at Law are informed by an in-depth studying of the national data protection laws in major European jurisdictions (Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands) and the recent developments in data protection law at the level of the European Union, most significantly the drafting of an E.U. data protection regulation.

Complete analysis in Serbian is available here.

An English translation of the analysis is available here.