The FSA has released official statistics on food law enforcement for the year ending March 2019. The new data gives a detailed breakdown of enforcement activities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There has been a slight increase in the percentage of food establishments that are ‘broadly compliant’ with food hygiene regulations, meaning they score a hygiene rating of 3, 4 or 5. This figure increased to 90.7%, from 90.2% in the previous year.

The percentage of planned food hygiene interventions undertaken by local authorities also marginally increased from 85.1% to 86.3%. However, the percentage of planned interventions undertaken for food standard controls, which covers food fraud, dropped to 40.8%, from 42.3% in the previous year.

Overall, England has seen some small but positive trends in food hygiene, however these were not reflected in the data collected from Wales and Northern Ireland. The FSA is working with local authorities to develop a new model for food standards interventions, which will incorporate a mix of inspections and better surveillance.