In Volume III 2013 of The Counselor, we reported on the burgeoning electronic waste (e-waste) issue as it impacts the entire nation, including Alabama. One of the largest issues mentioned was the problem of sending e-waste to others for recycling or disposal.

EPA has approved a final rule for manifests for all electronic waste related activities. The Rule is expected to go into effect on Aug. 6, 2014.

EPA Assistant Administration for the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response Mathy Stanislaus said the e-Manifest system upgrade is a key step in bringing the oversight of these “potentially dangerous materials into the 21st century.”

The effective date for the rule is Aug. 6, 2014, but the implementation date will likely be delayed until the e-Manifest system can demonstrate that it’s ready for operation and the schedule of fees for manifest related services has been announced.

But, now is still the time for EHS managers to prepare so they fully understand what will be required once the rule is fully implemented. Also, it’s important to start developing strategies for assuring that existing hazardous waste manifest process can make the necessary transition toward full compliance under the revamped system.