Question:  How will my digital assets be retrieved after I’m gone?

Answer:  Most people, regardless of age, maintain active online bank, investment, e-mail, social media, and other accounts that require username, password or other information for access.

As we become increasingly dependent on technology, it is that more important to document your wishes about access to, and disposition of, your digital assets.

One option to consider is to create a digital asset inventory which includes all of your devices and accounts, numbers, usernames, passwords, security questions/answers and any other special instructions. Or course any digital asset inventory that you retain is also a security risk so it is advisable to keep and store the information separately.

There are also several services to consider in this regard such as the online password manager Dashlane or PasswordBox, which many people are starting to use. Of course I believe these services also require a password so no question that keeping track of all this information will be a challenge!