As facilities enter the fourth quarter of data collection under U.S. EPA's new mandatory greenhouse gas emissions monitoring rule, the focus is beginning to shift toward preparation of the first annual emissions reports, due to EPA by March 31, 2011. On September 16, EPA finalized a modification to the rule that adds three additional pieces of information that must be included in those reports: (1) the names and physical addresses of all of a facility/supplier's U.S. parent companies and their respective percentages of ownership; (2) the facility/supplier's primary North American Industry NAICS code(s); and (3) an indication of whether or not the reported emissions  

include any emissions from a cogeneration unit. EPA issued its final rule making technical corrections and clarifications on October 7, 2010. EPA is also expected to finalize shortly a set of provisions regarding the scope of information submitted in the greenhouse gas reports that facilities may designate "confidential."

Annual greenhouse gas reports must be submitted using EPA's new "electronic greenhouse gas reporting tool" or "e-GGRT." EPA has announced a series of in-person and online training seminars to prepare facilities for submittal of the first-ever annual reports. These include sessions specific to use of e-GGRT, general overviews of the requirements of the greenhouse gas reporting rule, and detailed training sessions on determining applicability, estimating emissions, reporting, and recordkeeping.