Representative Fite introduced House Bill (“HB”) 1267 on Tuesday, that addresses the Arkansas Waste Tire Program.

HB 1267 has been referred to the House Public Health Welfare and Labor Committee.

As noted in previous blog posts, the Arkansas Waste Tire Program has been the subject of discussion in terms of possible legislative amendment/revisions. For example, the Arkansas House and Senate Interim Joint Committees on Public Health and Welfare met jointly this summer to discuss the program.

The Joint Committee was stated to have voted to:

. . .request a legislative audit of the waste tire districts in order to more thoroughly evaluate each district’s current position as well as its challenges.

The Waste Tire Program was also one of the components of Arkansas Governor Hutchinson’s legislative package that was announced on December 20, 2016. The Governor had stated that the Arkansas system for waste tire management is “inefficient and lacking in centralized control.”

The current Arkansas Waste Tire Program is a product of legislation enacted a number of years ago whose purpose was to ensure the appropriate management of waste tires in the state.

Both the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Management districts have roles in the program. For example, ADEQ administers the program and requires permits for certain waste tire collection, process and disposal activity. Further, the agency issues licenses to operate waste tire processing facilities and waste tire transporters.

The purpose/components of HB 1267 include:

  • Transfer of the current Waste Tire Program to Used Tire Recycling Accountability Program

  • Implement accountability measures to include an electronic uniform used tire manifest system

  • Require business plan requirements

  • Incentivize used tire recycling

  • Equalize the application of fees for all tires removed from rims

  • Provide reimbursement funding to used tire programs that manage recyclable tires and waste tires

  • Create the Used Tire Recycling Fund