After an expert committee appointed by the Supreme Court of India (SCI) recommended halting field trials of transgenic food crops for 10 years, biotechnologists, agricultural scientists and agribiotech-industry heads reportedly gathered in Bangalore to oppose the recommendations. Noting that genetically engineered crops will be needed to produce enough to feed a growing population, the scientists suggested that the committee relied solely on the views of select scientists and activists who oppose biotechnology in agriculture. They also claimed that the committee exceeded its mandate by making sweeping recommendations on a wide range of issues without accounting for the scientific rigor of methods in use in the country.

Biocon Ltd. Chair and Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was quoted as saying, “I am here to express my solidarity with scientists and support to biotechnology. Innovations happen only through research and experimentation. No one has a right to ban research and experimentation. Those who oppose scientific research are not intellectually right and would take the country on a wrong path. Science and technology have done a lot to the country.” See Business Standard, October 29, 2012.