As we reported earlier (‘Ukraine’s Parliament adopts law restating three procedural codes’, 3 Oct. 2017), the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) adopted the Law No. 6232 amending the Commercial Procedure Code of Ukraine, Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, Code of Administrative Procedure of Ukraine and Other Legislative Acts (the “Law”). The Ukrainian President signed the Law on 22 November 20171 and it was officially promulgated on 28 November 2017.

The Law envisages that most of its provisions will enter into force when the new Supreme Court, which is to replace the current Supreme Court of Ukraine and all higher specialised courts, will start operating (anticipated on 15 December 20172).

Therefore, all civil, administrative and commercial cases will be reviewed and adjudicated under the revised rules of procedure. Although yet strained by their practical application, the new procedural codes are expected to ensure a fairer and more straightforward resolution of disputes by the Ukrainian courts.