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Policy issues often have long term widespread and pervasive impact on businesses. Not only can new governmental policies significantly affect the climate for business innovation and growth, they create precedents that affect future legislation and potentially spread across jurisdictions.

Each installment of the Policy Matters Podcast will provide timely updates regarding potential adverse impacts on benefits that policy changes can have on industry growth and offer a preview of what’s next in the competitive marketplace.

In this episode, Scott Hecker, Senior Counsel in the Labor and Employment department of Seyfarth’s Washington, DC office, and Scott Mallery, Counsel in the Labor and Employment department of Seyfarth’s Sacramento office, discuss the U.S. DOL nominations of Doug Parker to serve as Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health and David Weil to return to his prior position as Wage and Hour Division Administrator, as well has how the confirmations of both Julie Su and Seema Nanda could increase the velocity of change at the DOL.

With increased enforcement at the forefront of the Department of Labor’s agenda, Mr. Parker and Dr. Weil could serve outsized roles in executing the Administration’s policies and priorities. The Policy Matters podcast team lays out what we know about Doug Parker and David Weil, and considers what their nominations mean for the Department and the regulated community.