Efforts by iPCS, Inc. to block the Sprint Nextel-Clearwire WiMax venture will continue as a result of a ruling, handed down Monday by an Illinois court, that rejected Sprint’s request to dismiss or stay the iPCS suit. The complaint at the center of the case represents the latest chapter in a long-running legal dispute between Sprint Nextel and iPCS, a regional wireless operator and affiliate of Sprint Nextel. In a separate lawsuit triggered by the 2005 merger of Sprint and Nextel, the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois ruled in favor of iPCS’s claim that the merger violated exclusivity provisions contained in iPCS’s affiliation agreement with Nextel. Earlier this year, Sprint Nextel lost its appeal of that court order, which bars Sprint Nextel from owning, operating and managing its iDEN network facilities in areas served by iPCS. Anticipating further legal battles with iPCS, Sprint Nextel—on the day of the announcement of the Clearwire venture in May—asked the Delaware Chancery Court for a declaratory ruling that the Clearwire deal does not breach affiliation agreements signed with subsidiaries of iPCS. Arguing that the Sprint Nextel-Clearwire venture would violate exclusivity provisions contained in the agreements, iPCS sought its own declaration from the Delaware court as it asked the Cook County Circuit Court to block the deal. Observing that Monday’s ruling “was not unexpected,” Sprint Nextel said, “we’re confident that both the Illinois Circuit Court and the Delaware Chancery Court will render reasonable rulings.”