Minimum Pay Rates

Junior employees (those aged from 16 to 20) are entitled to a percentage of the minimum wage calculated on a sliding scale by reference to their age.

For modern award covered employees, the 4.6% minimum wage increase will be introduced in two stages:

  1. 1 July 2022 for employees working in industries other than aviation, hospitality, and tourism.
  2. 1 October 2022 for employees working in the aviation, hospitality, and tourism industry.

A full list of modern awards and the date on which the minimum wage increase will come into effect for each can be found as part of the FWC summary here.

The default casual loading is still 25%.

High Income Threshold

Award and enterprise agreement free employees who earn over the High Income Threshold aren't eligible to make a claim for unfair dismissal.

Statutory Superannuation - Maximum Contributions Base

The earnings base upon which statutory superannuation contributions are calculated is subject to a maximum amount known as the Maximum Contributions Base.

The statutory superannuation contribution has increased to 10.50%

Tax free threshold for 'genuine redundancy' payments