The North Carolina Department of Insurance is accepting comments regarding Chapters 6 and 13 of its administrative rules.  The comment period opened on December 1, 2015 and lasts until February 1, 2016. Under North Carolina law, as adopted in 2013, state agencies must initially review all of their administrative rules within five (5) years, and then re-review all rules once every 10 years. These administrative rules are codified in Title 11 of the North Carolina Administrative Code. 

Chapter 6 governs the Agent Services division.  This includes licensing of individuals who receive an insurance license from the Department of Insurance (includes resident and non-resident agents) as well as pre-licensing education (requirements, courses, schools, instructors, etc.), insurance continuing education requirements, certain courses or course providers, and public adjusters.  

Chapter 13 governs the Agent Services division with regard to non-insurance entities such as premium finance companies, motor clubs, and bail bondsmen. 

After the comment period, the Department will be required to evaluate each rule and determine whether that rule is: (1) necessary with substantive public interest, (2) necessary without substantive public interest, or (3) unnecessary.  Each of these three categories have sub-definitions.  

You can comment on rules in Chapter 6 or 13 here on the Department of Insurance's website.  We are also available to assist you in making comments to rules.