On 14 August 2014, a draft policy on Public Private Partnership (PPP) was tabled for validation at an investor forum held in Kololi, jointly organised by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The draft policy, prepared by the Government of The Gambia, is intended to facilitate private sector participation in upgrading, developing and expanding the infrastructure and services in The Gambia.

Following its validation at the forum, the policy is expected to be submitted to The Gambian cabinet for review and approval. The policy is expected to provide further opportunity for the private sector to invest in The Gambia so as to spur economic growth and development for both business and government. In line with the policy, the Gambian Government has established a PPP unit (which sits within the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs).

We understand from related press reports that the priority sectors for investment are expected to be: agriculture; air and seaports; electricity; ferry services; government infrastructure; health; national infrastructure; road sector; sports; telecommunications sector; urban services; and water.

In line with the promotion of PPP investment strategies, we understand that the Gambia Investment & Export Promotion Agency, in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Employment, is also in the process of developing new legislation that will introduce further incentive packages for investors, as well as strengthen investment promotion, guarantees, protections and investor standards. The new legislation will also support export promotion and export processing zones.