The tragedy in Paris this week involving the slaughter of cartoonists working for the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, as well as other persons innocently caught up in this and apparently related events, reminds us all of the temporal nature of life, and the anarchy that seems to occupy the front pages of our newspapers all too often these days. I have no original insight or thoughts to add to the extensive commentary that already exists regarding this matter – except to express my admiration for the over 1.5 million ordinary citizens and world leaders who joined and marched together against extremism in a wounded and tense Paris Sunday. As someone who has travelled extensively to France over the years and has many friends and former colleagues there (having worked for a subsidiary of Société Générale for over 16 years), I was exceptionally saddened by the events last week – particularly since I recall how kind and supportive my friends and ex-colleagues there were to me when I was stranded in Paris for almost a week after 9/11. I will always cringe at offensive expression but defend vigorously the right to free speech. In any case, no one should ever be killed for drawing a cartoon. As a result: Je suis Charlie!