EPA recently published a wide-ranging series of proposed changes to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (“NPDES”) regulations. While EPA does not believe that its proposed revisions will generally result in new or increased workload or information collection by authorized states or the regulated community, regulated entities should familiarize themselves with EPA’s proposed changes to determine any adverse or beneficial impact on their activities.

The proposed changes cover 15 topics in the following major categories:

  • NPDES permit applications
  • The water quality-based permitting process
  • NPDES permit objection, documentation and process efficiencies
  • The vessels exclusion
  • The Clean Water Act Section 401 certification process

I recently published an article on some of the more significant changes proposed by EPA.

The below table, taken from the EPA’s May 18 proposed rule change, briefly summarizes EPA’s proposed NPDES topics for revision.

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