The UK government has announced that the Immigration Health Surcharge will be increased from  GBP 200 to 400 for each year a non-EU migrant wants to temporarily live in the UK. The student rate and Youth Mobility Scheme rate will rise from GBP 150 to 300. The Immigration Health Surcharge is payable by any migrant obtaining a visa with a validity of six months or more. This significantly increases the fees associated with temporary UK visas.

The government has released a policy paper offering clarity on what UK immigration policy may look like for EU citizens after Brexit. It appears the UK government plans to implement a registration system that will allow EU citizens who move to the UK throughout the Brexit process to complete the five-year residence condition required to establish long-term residence in the UK. While the specifics of the plan are not yet finalised, this is the first piece of information from the UK government that provides direction for EU migrants who wish to live in the UK post-Brexit.

The Home Office has rolled out a new method of visa application for Tier 2 and Points Based System applicants called Access UK. Access UK will replace Visa4UK. The benefits to Access UK are shorter application forms, intelligent questioning, streamlined appointment and payment processing and the ability to use a mobile device to complete an application.

Andrew Osborne, partner at Lewis Silkin