The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation has approved legislation (S. 921) that would prohibit rental car companies from selling or renting recalled vehicles. The proposal would extend the same rules to rental car companies that auto dealers must meet. Known as the “Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act of 2013,” the bill is co-sponsored by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). It is named for sisters who were killed in a 2004 auto accident after a rental car they were driving caught fire. The car had reportedly been subject to a recall that warned of power steering fluid leaks that could cause a fire, but evidently was not repaired. If approved, the bill would require rental car companies to ground recalled vehicles as soon as they receive a safety recall notice and prohibit them from being rented or sold until they are fixed. Similar legislation was introduced in 2011; additional details about that bill, which failed, appear in the August 11, 2011, issue of this Report. See Sen. Barbara Boxer Press Release, July 30, 2013; santacruzsentinel, August 1, 2013.