Brexit: Draft plans propose UK to get delay to 22 May – BBC

  • The European Council publishes a draft agreeing to delay Brexit until 22 May. The draft says the EU is considering delaying Brexit beyond 29 March, but it says no extension is possible beyond the European elections.
  • The extension is on condition Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement agreed by Parliament first.
  • Jeremy Corbyn says he is seeking “constructive alternative” to her deal as he also visits Brussels.
  • A petition to “cancel Brexit” surpasses a million signatories at the fastest rate seen on the Parliament website.

EU Starts Plotting Plan B If May Fails: Brexit Update – Bloomberg

Key Developments:

  • May pitched her delay to 27 other EU leaders this afternoon; press conference this evening.
  • Petition to cancel Brexit attracts more than 1 million signatures.
  • Juncker says if deal fails, another summit will be held next week.
  • Macron says if Parliament rejects accord again, then it’s no-deal.
    • FT: “In the case of a negative vote, we will go towards no deal — we all know it,” he said. “And it’s essential to be absolutely clear in these times and at these moments because it’s about the proper functioning of the EU.”
  • The EU is considering persuading the U.K. to extend Brexit by nine months if the British Parliament defeats May’s deal next week, according to a person familiar with the discussions. Leaders would probably return to Brussels in the second half of next week and tell May that the only options left are either a lengthy extension or no deal. The EU doesn’t want to be blamed for a no-deal Brexit so leaders would try to convince May to accept the plan. She and the 27 other leaders would have to be on board.