The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has issued a report outlining “steps that agencies will take to drive the bioeconomy— economic activity powered by research and innovation in the biosciences.” Titled the “National Bioeconomy Blueprint,” the report also details governmental efforts to attain this goal.

The blueprint outlines five strategies to spur the U.S. bioeconomy: (i) support research and development investments; (ii) “facilitate the transition of bioinventions from research lab to market”; (iii) “develop and reform regulations to reduce barriers, increase the speed and predictability of regulatory processes, and reduce costs while protecting human and environmental health”; (iv) “update training programs and align academic institution incentives with student training for national workforce needs”; and (v) “identify and support opportunities for the development of public-private partnerships and precompetitive collaborations—where competitors pool resources, knowledge, and expertise to learn from successes and failures.”

“A more robust bioeconomy can enable Americans to live longer and healthier lives, develop new sources of bioenergy, address key environmental challenges, transform manufacturing processes, and increase the productivity and scope of the agricultural sector while generating new industries and occupational opportunities,” said OSTP. See OSTP Press Release, April 26, 2012.