An agreement has been entered into by Società Italiana Autori Editori - SIAE (Italian Authors’ and Publishers’ Association) and Amazon for the new Cloud service, whereby “cloud based” services are increasing in Italy. As written in the press:

“This service offered by the Amazon Store and Cloud shall increase the offer of legal content in Italy. We believe that by enlarging the consumer’s choice, it is possible to better the Italian market with regard to digital music in general, not only for the public’s benefit but also for the benefit of the rights holders”.

This means that the new functions available to customers of the Amazon Cloud service shall permit whoever purchases a song to be able to have (at the same time) a private copy on any device such as a computer, mobile, tablet etc connected to that customer’s Amazon account. And, moreover, using “Scan and Match” the Amazon service which scans the user’s music files and organises and combines them with already existing files, that are part of the data base, ready for the user’s streaming on demand.

For more information please go to: musica-digitale-on-the-cloud.htm