The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM’s) Food and Nutrition Board recently launched a new activity titled “Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention,” which aims to review IOM’s obesity-prevention strategies and make further recommendations. Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, an ad hoc committee of academic, industry and scientific experts will undertake a 21-month study intended for regulators, policy makers, foundations, and community-based organizations, and other health professionals.  

During this process, the committee will (i) consider the progress of previous IOM recommendations, using “available reports, articles, analyses, surveys, legislation and regulations, ‘report cards’, and other relevant literature”; (ii) “develop guiding principles for choosing a set of recommendations”; (iii) “identify a set of recommendations that the committee determines to be fundamental for substantial progress in obesity prevention over the next decade”; and (iv) “recommend potential indicators that can act as markers of progress and that can be readily evaluated through the use of current data bases and/or relatively simple measures or surveys.” The committee has also announced a September 30, 2010, open session meeting that includes a sponsorship briefing.