On June 16, 2016, Director of the US Office of Financial Research (OFR) Richard Berner spoke about financial resilience, including how to define, measure and monitor financial stability or resilience. He noted that resilience has two key aspects: the system’s shock-absorbing capacity and incentives that are aligned to limit excessive risk taking. He noted that the OFR has helped promote financial stability by developing tools to assess and monitor threats to financial resilience and improving the scope and quality of data to measure such threats, including, for example, the Financial Stability Monitor, a tool the OFR uses to measure macroeconomic, market, credit, funding and liquidity, and contagion risk. While in the OFR’s assessment, overall threats to financial stability remain at a moderate level, Berner highlighted macro risks (i.e., low growth rate and inflation), cybersecurity and credit risk as key areas of vulnerability.

The speech is available at: https://financialresearch.gov/public-appearances/2016/06/16/conference-on-the-interplaybetween-financial-regulations-resilliance-and-growth/