People’s Daily Online reported today that China’s FDI into the U.S. hit $605 million during the first half of 2010, 3.6 times the same period of 2009. This compares with year-over-year increases of 126% and 107% for China FDI into ASEAN nations and EU nations, respectively.

The U.S. appears to be maintaining its attractiveness to Chinese investment, despite Congressional opposition and clamoring for protectionist policies in the steel industry.

People’s Daily Online takes note of this opposition, reporting “As certain countries have begun to restrict foreign capital, Chinese enterprises’ overseas investment will face new challenges.”

“Certain countries” likely means the U.S. Hopefully our policymakers and legislators will recognize that reluctance on the part of the Chinese to continue the trend of increased investment will not help the U.S. recover from its recession. What would be helpful would be for our officials and representatives to find ways to lower the challenges when national security is not a real issue.