The Commission has issued a statement regarding the granting of State aid in the restructuring plan for the new Opel Europe, emphasising that the plan must make the company viable in the future. This follows the German Government’s decision to grant €4.5 billion of public funds to support the sale of General Motor’s majority share in Opel/Vauxhall to Magna International and Sberbank.

The German Government is relying on aid already approved under the Temporary Framework, which are a series of measures introduced to support access to finance in the current economic climate, but which does not remove its obligation to comply with internal market and State aid rules. State aid granted under the Temporary Framework is conditional upon the implementation of a specific business plan that is discussed and negotiated with Member States. The Commission will, therefore, carefully scrutinize whether the German authorities have tried to include any non-commercial conditions in the aid granted to Opel regarding the geographic distribution of restructuring measures or the location of investments. It is also monitoring negotiations with European governments regarding financial support linked to retaining Opel employees in each Member State.