The 2016 property tax protest season has arrived. In Alabama, property tax valuations are handled on a county-by-county basis. Some counties mail valuation notices to all taxpayers. Others rely on publication notice and only mail notices to taxpayers whose property values increase from the prior year. Counties also complete their valuation work at different times. Contact your local tax assessor’s office for more information on the type and timing of notice in your county.

Generally, a taxpayer has thirty (30) days from the date property values are finalized to submit a protest with the local Board of Equalization. The deadline to submit a protest typically runs from the date values are finalized regardless of the manner of providing notice or, where applicable, the mailing date. For example, Jefferson County mailed real property notices on May 11, 2016. According to the Jefferson County website, Jefferson County taxpayers have until June 9, 2016 to file a protest with the Jefferson County Board of Equalization. While protests are often resolved at this stage, further appeals can be taken to the local circuit court.