ESI Trends Report based on Independent Survey conducted by Canvasse Opinion on behalf of Kroll Ontrack

Kroll Ontrack has reported the results of a survey conducted on its behalf by Canvasse Opinion. The report reveals three key themes with regard to in-house counsel ESI practices: preparedness, ownership and challenges. The survey set out to learn the extent of confusion within organizations about which business function has responsibility for ESI for legal purposes. A key finding of the study” business leaders face severe risk from lack of ownership of ESI policy.

A few of the findings:

  • Only 25% of US. In-house counsel claim to be fully up-to-speed with all case law, developments, and regulations relating to ESI
  • Approximately half of respondents in the U.S. do not have any ESI policy
  • Nearly three-quarters of in-house counsel lose time due to inefficient or non-existent ESI procedures
  • Unmanageable volumes, lack of budget, insufficient training and lack of technology cited as the principle challenges facing U.S. companies in the next five years
  • Wide disparity seen between those responsible for developing strategies and those held accountable for action resulting from the strategy

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