As the way food is grown, processed, distributed, and consumed by the public continues to change and evolve with the proliferation of technology and awareness of environmental impacts, more and more lawyers are moving into this space to help solve legal issues associated with food.

Joining host Michael Cohen to explore the evolving regulations surrounding the food industry are two guests, Michael Roberts and Sascha Henry. Michael is a professor at UCLA School of Law and the Executive Director of the Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy at UCLA. Sascha is a partner at Sheppard Mullin’s Los Angeles office. She is Practice Group Leader of the Business Trial Practice Group, leads the firm's food and beverage industry team, and leads the consumer class action defense team.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

What is the food law conference and how did it begin?

Why food law has proven to be an interesting topic to explore

The various regulations that impact the food industry

How has the way food is grown and processed changed over the years?

What are standards in food fraud?

What developments in food regulations should C-Suite members know about?

What type of opportunities are available to incorporate cannabis into food?

How do people’s experiences and cultural backgrounds affect their expectations when it comes to food?

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