A report published by the National Audit Office on 12th June 2009 states that the Department of Health successfully met its target to reduce MRSA bloodstream infections by 50% by 2008 as well as making progress in reducing Clostridium difficile infections. However, one of the key findings of the report was that bloodstream infections due to other causes might be increasing. The reasons for increase are not clear, but may be due to better IT based reporting as well as evidence of real increases in infections. As bloodstream infections have a high mortality and morbidity, the report says there is a need for further work to understand the origin, cause and type of these infections.

The full report is available at: http://www.nao.org.uk/idoc.ashx?docId=c1a1ff01-336f-494e-8c96-23fa9bf8c0dc&version=-1