The Italian Government has conducted a short consultation (16-20 February 2015) asking whether Italy should play a full part in the UPC, adopt both the unitary patent (UP) and be part of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) system, or neither. Currently, Italy has not taken part in the enhanced co-operation which took place within the EU to establish the Unitary Patent. Nevertheless, Italy has signed the Unitary Patent Court Agreement, although it has not yet ratified it, suggesting that it was reconsidering its initial approach or at least would be open to a UPC court in its jurisdiction (although dealing only with non-opted out European Patents). Now the Italian Minister of Economic Development has stated that "joining the unitary patent is one of the Italian government’s priorities". However other reports suggest that the two stakeholders who have published their responses to the consultation have both been in favour of staying out of the unitary patent system all together.