EIOPA publishes RFR user manual: EIOPA has published a user manual for the exercise it launched on 15 July to challenge the "beta" version of the risk free interest rate (RFR) coding used in the current Solvency 2 preparatory phase. The manual sets out steps on how to carry out the calculations through the RFR coding. The exercise closes on 31 August. (Source: EIOPA Publishes the User Manual to Complement the Solvency 2 RFR Coding Publication)

EIOPA to hold infrastructure investment hearing: EIOPA is to hold a public hearing on its final advice to the Commission on infrastructure investments. The hearing will take place on 4 September in Frankfurt. It will address all aspects of EIOPA's consultation on the identification and calibration of infrastructure investment risk categories. The consultation covers:

  • definitions of debt and equity infrastructure investments used to specify new risk categories in the standard formula;
  • proposals for their calibrations in line with Solvency 2; and 
  • an assessment of how the categories could fit within the existing structure of the market and counterparty default risk modules.

In addition, EIOPA wants to analyse whether the current investments and system of governance requirements in Solvency 2 are sufficient to ensure that the risks of such a complex, heterogeneous and, for insurers, relatively new asset class, are properly managed. (Source: EIOPA Public Hearing on Infrastructure Investments)