It is now nearly two years since Lord Hutton was appointed chair of the Public Service Pension Commission to review public sector pensions.  Over the last couple of years a lot has occurred.  Lord Hutton published his interim and final reports in October 2010 and March 2011 and the Chancellor accepted the Commission’s recommendations in the March 2011 Budget.  Since then hardly a week goes by without some development or another.

Keeping track of public sector pension reform is not easy, given the divergence of the schemes and their separate negotiations. We have, therefore, put together a webpage which gathers together all the key documents and announcements for the main public sector schemes. Click here to access the tracker page.

Lord Hutton has commented that our tracker page “is a tremendously helpful resource for everyone interested in the future of public sector pensions. This new service from Eversheds will, I am sure, prove to be of real value – to both professionals and interested observers alike.”

The page will be kept updated with the latest developments as they happen.