In a judgment that is exhaustive and amusing (when it isn’t faintly depressing), Rooke ACJ of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench provides a taxonomy of vexatious litigants, which he puts under the general heading of those who rely on an Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA): Meads v Meads, 2012 ABQB 571.

By this the judge means the litigants who waste court time with the ‘your laws do not apply to me and violate Magna Charta anyway’ kind of argument. Sub-species of the OPCA litigant include Detaxers (‘tax laws, in particular, do not apply to me’), Freemen-on-the-Land and Sovereign Men (‘all state action is slavery’), the Church of Ecumenical Redemption International and other self-styled religions that just want to smoke weed, and Moorish law advocates (a ‘mad and delusional’ amalgam of the Nation of Islam and aboriginal concepts, it would appear), but the class of OPCA litigants – sadly – does not appear to be closed to new varieties.  

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