Mongolia has recently seen a growth in IP registrations and interest in the jurisdiction with the push of China’s ONE BELT ONE ROAD policy and local economic development. 

Mongolia holds a key position for the transit of goods from China to Russia and on to Europe.  With the maturing of its market, many brands have also seen a growing demand for their goods. 

The main roots of current trademark protection in Mongolia can be traced to 1967 with the first comprehensive national legislation on the matter – the Mongolian Law on the Protection of Trademarks.

Since the accession of Mongolia to the Madrid Agreement, the number of trademark applications filed in Mongolia via the international route has steadfastly increased.  The Mongolian IP Office (MNOIP) figures for 2006 to 2014 show around 33,666 national applications and 15,594 applications under the Madrid system received and examined.

Mongolian Customs currently allow the registration of trademarks with them to monitor infringing imports.