The Serbian Business Registers Agency (the ”SBRA”) and the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia (the ”CRRM“) are establishing the Regional Business Registers Portal of Serbia and Macedonia, in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The Regional Business Registers Portal will be a unique database, containing information on companies and other legal entities. The portal will include comparable data on registered companies, owners and their financial indicators, as well as micro and macro reports and analyzes comprising data and graphs for a 3 year-period.

The portal will improve communication between business entities in Serbia and Macedonia and allow potential investors to analyze regional market using unique source of data. All data will be available in three languages: English, Macedonian and Serbian.

At the beginning, the services will be provided by the SBRA and the CRRM. However, Slovenian, Croatian, Albanian, Montenegrin and Bosnian business registers also show interest in connection through the regional business portal. Therefore, it may be expected that the portal will extend its offer and include information on companies from these countries as well.

As expected, the Regional Business Register Portal will be activated in the first half of 2018.