Regulation of lobbying


Is lobbying self-regulated by the industry, or is it regulated by the government, legislature or an independent regulator? What are the regulator’s powers?

Lobbying in Greece is not regulated. However, there are business associations, various groups with private or business interests, public affairs divisions of advertising companies, public affairs companies and private individuals who effectively practise lobbying by representing their clients before public authorities at all levels of the administration, and promoting their clients’ legitimate interests. This kind of activity is not regulated.


Is there a definition or other guidance as to what constitutes lobbying?


Registration and other disclosure

Is there voluntary or mandatory registration of lobbyists? How else is lobbying disclosed?


Activities subject to disclosure or registration

What communications must be disclosed or registered?

Not applicable.

Entities and persons subject to lobbying rules

Which entities and persons are caught by the disclosure rules?

Not applicable.

Lobbyist details

What information must be registered or otherwise disclosed regarding lobbyists and the entities and persons they act for ? Who has responsibility for registering the information?

Not applicable.

Content of reports

When must reports on lobbying activities be submitted , and what must they include?

Not applicable.

Financing of the registration regime

How is the registration system funded?

Not applicable.

Public access to lobbying registers and reports

Is access to registry information and to reports available to the public?

Not applicable.

Code of conduct

Is there a code of conduct that applies to lobbyists and their practice?



Are there restrictions in broadcast and press regulation that limit commercial interests’ ability to use the media to influence public policy outcomes?