Rumours have recently abounded that the marriage between former athlete Bruce Jenner and mother to the Kardashian brood, Kris Jenner, are on the rocks. The couple have insisted their relationship is fine however un-named sources have speculated that the real reason for the couple staying together is that the relationship is all about business.

Although it’s not your typical family business, the couple have undoubtedly built a powerful and valuable brand together, in addition to their assets and joint business-ventures. A divorce would not only risk the future of the business but any divorce settlement could also involve a costly division of what has been so carefully built-up.

A marriage is viewed by the law as a partnership. In many cases that partnership can go beyond the normal day-to-day support we provide to our other half and blossom into a productive business relationship. If the marriage then breaks down the family business will then have to be considered as part of any divorce settlement. There are many points to consider including whether the business can survive the separation, whether one spouse can ‘buy out’ the other, as well as how the family business should be valued. Those issues can complicate any settlement so it is important to seek expert divorce advice on how best to move forward.