Ofcom have published their provisional conclusions in disputes between each of Everything Everywhere, O2, H3G and Vodafone (MNOs) and BT in relation to ladder pricing. The disputes concern wholesale termination charges introduced by BT for 0834/4, 0871/2/3 and 080 numbers hosted on BT’s network. The wholesale termination charges introduced vary according to the retail charges raised by the MNOs. Ofcom have provisionally concluded that, while it could be fair and reasonable for BT to introduce ladder pricing, in these cases there is uncertainty as to whether the price changes will result in a net benefit or a net detriment to consumers, and therefore the charges cannot be considered fair and reasonable.

Consultation on the provisional conclusions closed on 4 January 2013 and Ofcom’s Final Determination of the disputes is expected shortly.

Ofcom’s provisional conclusions can be read here:

http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/consultations/provisionalconclusions/ summary/Provisional_Conclusions.pdf