On February 16, 2007, the Finnish Competition Authority (FCA) found that the three largest companies in the roofing bitumen sector (Icopal Oy, Katepal Oy and Lemminkäinen Oy) and a building materials association, RTT ry, exchanged confidential information between 1996 and 2001. The FCA considered that the companies involved exchanged information via RTT ry to which they each submitted detailed sales data on a monthly basis. RTT ry then established monthly sales reports and market share statistics, which were distributed back to the companies. Despite this, the FCA considered that there was no direct proof of price-fixing. The Finnish legislation allowing the imposition of fines for infringements of EC competition law was only implemented on May 1, 2004. As the alleged practices ended in 2001, the FCA considered that it had no jurisdiction to impose fines. Furthermore, the national legislation that was in force at the time of the activity was, to some extent, unclear as regards to information sharing. No fine was therefore imposed on the companies involved.